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California requires all dogs over the age of 3 months to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed as a rabies control measure.

Why should you license your dog?

  • It is the law in California, Health and Safety Code 121690 (b) 
  • A license provides proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies.
  • Rabies is a fatal viral disease that can be prevented by vaccination, which protects your pet and your community.
  • If someone finds a lost dog with a license, they can contact Animal Control; the owner and their pet can be reunited.

Licensing can be proof of ownership and your dog's ticket home!

Where to purchase a dog license in Bakersfield?

Register online.

In person:
City Hall North
City of Bakersfield, Treasury Department
1600 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Mailing Address:
City of Bakersfield, Treasury Department
P.O. Box 2057
Bakersfield, CA 93303

A receipt for payment, rabies information and the license will be mailed back to you.

What to bring or include when buying a license?

  • A copy of the rabies certificate
  • Payment
  • Copy of your ID (with current information)
  • At least two contact numbers
  • Identify which license you want to purchase

How much are the dog license fees?

  • 1 year altered- $15
  • 1 year altered senior citizen - $5
  • 1 year unaltered - $60
  • 3 year altered - $30
  • 3 year altered senior citizen - $15
  • 3 year unaltered - $120

*A Senior Citizens discount (62 years and older) can be applied to altered dogs only.