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Report Code Enforcement Violation

How do I file a Code Enforcement complaint?


There are several options available to file a Code Enforcement complaint.  Complaints may be filed in person at the Community Development Building during normal business hours, complaints may be submitted in writing by mail, fax, and e-mail, or a voicemail message can be left on the recorded 24-hour complaint line phone number. 

The contact information for each of these options is listed below; 

Complaint Line: (661) 326-3712 

Email complaint to: 
Fax complaint to: (661) 852-2131 

Office Location & Mailing Address:

Code Enforcement
Community Development Building
1715 Chester Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93301

Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday - Friday  

When filing a complaint with Code Enforcement, please provide detailed information including:

  • Location of violation.  Provide a correct address including apartment number when possible.
  • Describe the conditions you believe to be violations to be investigated.
  • Provide address and telephone number for the owner of the property or persons responsible for the violation if known to assist with the investigation.
  • Provide your name and a phone number should further information about your complaint be needed.

While reporting party names are important, we do not require you to leave your name and phone number in order for us to respond to the complaint.  Your name and phone number allow us to re-contact you and obtain correct information when information is incomplete or incorrect.

It is Code Enforcement’s policy to keep the source of the complaint confidential. There is a potential, however, that Code Enforcement may be ordered to reveal this information in a court proceeding.  

How do I contact the Code Enforcement Officers?

When you receive a correction notice for a violation of a local law, the name and telephone number for the assigned Code Enforcement Officer is provided on the front page of the notice.

Due to the nature of their jobs Code Enforcement staff is frequently away from their office telephones attending to other duties making immediate communication with staff members difficult.  The following information is provided to identify and try to improve the communication gap with different options to try and minimize frustration caused for our customers and clients. 

Code Enforcement Officers spend most of their time in the field away from their desk.  They are required to be available in the office between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 am Monday through Friday to meet with customers in the office, answer phone calls and return voicemail messages.

All Code Enforcement staff members are expected to check and return all voice messages and e-mails regularly throughout their shift and no later than the next working day after the message was received.  Code Enforcement staff members are also required to change their voicemail greetings and e-mail accounts to provide another staff member or supervisor who can be called when the Officer will be out of the office for more than one day.  When possible, efforts should be made to schedule an appointment with the Officer prior to coming into the office during times they are likely unavailable if a meeting is necessary. 

If you are not successful in reaching the assigned Code Enforcement Officer, Office staff can be called to assist you at;

  • Clerk –                                 (661) 326-3003
  • Permit Technician -           (661) 326-3674 

Office staff is frequently called away from their desk to assist customers at the front counter and it may be necessary to leave a message.

There are also two Code Enforcement Supervisors you can call for assistance at the following numbers; Brundage Lane/Stockdale Highway separates North and South.

  • South Team - Billy Owens                   T: (661)326-3414                                  E:
  • North Team - David Paquette           T: (661)326-3948                                  E: 

The Code Enforcement Supervisors are also frequently in the field, attending meetings or hearings and it may be necessary to leave a message.