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Mapping & GIS


All maps were created by the Planning Division. These maps depict commonly requested information about development and growth for the City of Bakersfield. The maps are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. It is recommended you have a broadband internet connection to view these files (DSL, cable, T1, etc.). The maps can be downloaded from this site free of charge. Paper copies are available for sale at the Planning counter, located at the above address. In order to expedite the download process as quickly as possible it is recommended that you right click on the link and choose the “Save Target As” option. All maps are in large plot format that can be plotted out on an appropriate large format plotter. In addition there is a link to our interactive web application, which will allow you to look at a variety of development information.

Map Descriptions Below

Active Tentative Tracts
This map depicts tentative tract activity within the City of Bakersfield. A detail table is incorporated into the map showing vital data for each tentative tract displayed. A summary table is included that summarizes number of lots and acreage by status. The map shows three types of status:

Active – Tentative tracts that have been reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission.

Active/Recorded – Active tentative tracts that have at least one recorded phase or unit, but has not been wholly recorded.

  • Pending – Submitted tentative tracts that have not been heard by the Planning Commission. These maps generally are still under review by planning staff and will be scheduled for hearing by the Planning Commission at a later date.

Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan Bikeway Master Plans. This map depicts bike plan, bike path, bike route, and future bikeway.

Cumulative Projects Map
This map depicts on-going development activity for the City of Bakersfield. Projects show on this map include:

Tentative Maps
Large Projects with Environmental Impact Reports (EIR’s)
General Plan Amendments (GPA’s)
Zone Changes (ZC’s)
Site Plan Review/Planned Developments

City Zoning
This map depicts zoning for the City of Bakersfield. This map is not the official zoning map for the City of Bakersfield. The intent of this zoning map is to provide an overall pattern for zoning within the city. The official zoning map consists of a series of detailed map sheets, which can be viewed at the Planning Division public service counter and purchased separately.

Individual Zone Maps by section

Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan – Land Use
This map depicts the Land Use Element of the Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan. This is a digital version of the official adopted map for that element.

Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan - Circulation
This map depicts the Circulation Element of the Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan. This is a digital version of the official adopted map for that element.

City of Bakersfield - Sphere of Influence
This map depicts the Sphere of Influence for the City of Bakersfield.

Northeast Bakersfield - Parks and Trail Specific Plan
This map depicts the Northeast Bakersfield Parks and Trails Plan. This is a digital version of the adopted plan.

Visual Resources, Viewshed and Slope Protection Areas
This map identifies the Class I and II Visual Resource Areas, Viewsheds and Slope Protection areas in Northeast Bakersfield identified in the Second Draft of Hillside Development Ordinance Amendment. This version is viewed in Adobe Acrobat and allows the viewer to zoom into areas of interest. Larger printouts of the map are available for sale at the Planning Department counter in the Developmental Services Building at 1715 Chester Avenue.