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All maps available in The Print Shop are in PDF format and available for public use. For more information on available maps, please contact Bakersfield GIS.

For Planning maps, please visit the Planning Division.

Bakersfield City Boundary Map
Revision Date: 3/20/2017
Map of the bike trail through the City.
Revision Date: 11/18/2015
City Council Ward Map
Revision Date: 10/17/2017
Map of elementary, middle, junior high and high schools, and adult, college and universities. School information provided by Kern County Superintendent of Schools.
Revision Date: 11/18/2015
Fire station locations in the Bakersfield area. Contains stations for both Bakersfield and Kern County Fire Departments
Revision Date: 11/18/2015
PDF map of Bakersfield Police Department Police Zones
Revision Date: 2/8/2016
STAA truck routes
Revision Date: 5/19/2016
PDF map of water purveyors for the City of Bakersfield
Revision Date: 2/21/2017