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Labor Relations

City of Bakersfield, Civil Service Board

The City Charter of the City of Bakersfield establishes authority and responsibility to three (3) Civil Service Boards; Fire, Police and Miscellaneous. The Boards enforce and interpret the rules and regulations; have charge of all matter pertaining to the preparation and conduct of examinations; formulate rules and regulations governing the procedure and conduct of trials of employees affected by the Civil Service; keep minutes of the proceedings, record of its examinations and such other records desirable and necessary to administer the Civil Service System.

Boards serve as an advisory Body to the City Council Commissioners and are appointed by the full Council.

More information about the Civil Service Board is available on the City Clerk's page.

Memorandums of Understanding 

The Resolutions approving the Memorandums of Understanding setting salaries and related benefits for the City of Bakersfield Departments.

Administrative Rules and Regulations

1. General Administration

2. Technology and Communications

3. Human Resources 

4. Health and Safety

5. Fiscal Management