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Residential/Commercial Burglar Alarms

Register or renew your alarm:

Residential and commercial burglary and/or robbery alarms can deter criminal activity, but unfortunately false alarms are common. Responding to false alarms consumes valuable police resources and unnecessarily prevents delays or diverts police officers from responding to essential calls for service and other needs in the community.

Each time there is an activation of an alarm that results in a police response there will be a review to determine if the alarm qualifies as a false alarm. If there is no indication of criminal activity or other exemption from the classification of a false alarm, the following fee schedule will apply.

Bakersfield False Alarm Fees

First FALSE ALARM (within 365 days) $0
Second FALSE ALARM $105
(Fee can be waived if you attend the online alarm school).
Third FALSE ALARM $105
(No Waiver)
Fourth FALSE ALARM  $210 
(You must obtain a certification of operation from an alarm company.)
Fifth FALSE ALARM $315
(Alarm permit may be suspended or revoked.)

After a Fifth FALSE ALARM within a one-year period, please contact the Bakersfield False Alarm Reduction Program (877) 665-2984. 

All alarm owners are required to register their alarm systems and renew the registration annually.

Information on Alarms

Alarm Permit Application

You may register or renew your alarm over the phone at (877)665-2984 or online at