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Directed Policing Unit

Mission:  The Bakersfield Police Department Directed Policing Unit is dedicated to the long-term resolution of specific, identified community problems and issues through the implementation of innovative, proactive, and community oriented policing strategies.   

Contact Information:
Phone: (661) 326-3570

About Us
The Bakersfield Police Department Directed Policing Unit (DPU) combines community oriented policing, neighborhood problem solving, and current crime analysis information to detect and resolve specific identified community problems.

Download Criminal Activity Clue Sheet


What sort of activity should I report to the Directed Policing Unit?
Any ongoing activity you recognize as suspicious in your neighborhood that detracts from the quality of life you expect could be reported.  For example: subjects loitering, high volume of foot or vehicle traffic to a particular residence, graffiti and other quality of life issues you discover in the City of Bakersfield.

Is the online Directed Policing Unit Clue Sheet an official report document?
No.  The online DPU clue sheet is strictly for information only.  By completing the form you are simply providing officers with information regarding suspicious/illegal activity in your area.  This is not an official police report. 

If you wish to complete an official report go to Report Crime Online.

How do I report suspicious ongoing problem activity?
If the activity is occurring right now, call (661) 327-7111 and an officer will be dispatched to investigate the incident.  If the activity is an emergency, call 911 or call (661) 326-3570 and leave a detailed message.