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The traffic office is located in the Bakersfield Police Department's Westside Substation at 1301 Buena Vista Road, Bakersfield, CA.

You may email your Traffic related questions and concerns to Bakersfield Police Department Traffic Section at, or call (661) 326-3882.

Traffic Commander:  

Lt. Johnson has served with the Bakersfield Police Department since January 1995. He has experience working corrections, patrol, traffic, investigations and K9. From 1984 – 1995, Lt. Johnson also served with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, McFarland Police Department, Arvin Police Department and Shafter Police Department, giving him more than thirty-three years of dedicated, professional law enforcement service to draw upon in addressing your questions or concerns.  

Lt. Johnson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2013. He has served as a Watch Commander, South Zone Commander and now serves as the Traffic Commander. He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management and is also a graduate of the Sherman Block Leadership Institute.

As your Traffic Commander and fellow citizen of Bakersfield, Lt. Johnson is committed to the Chief’s philosophy on Community Oriented Policing, with an emphasis on service. He looks forward to working with other public agencies and local organizations in developing strategies designed to educate the public, while bringing about awareness to those driving behaviors which tend to put motorist most at risk on our city roadways. 

Traffic Section's Educational Program:

The Bakersfield Police Department Traffic Section provides an educational program which focuses on teen drivers. It is entitled "A Life Interrupted" and is available to schools, youth organizations and other civic groups. The program has made a tremendous impact on our local high school aged youth.

Find out how you can have this program presented to your organization and
visit "A Life Interrupted Website".

The main functions of the Traffic Section are:

  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Traffic safety education
  • Apprehension of Drunken Drivers
  • Accident investigation

Officers in the Traffic Section are assigned to the following areas:

  • Traffic cars
  • Hit and Run investigation
  • Impound Hearing Officer

Hit and Run:

  • Officers assigned to the Hit and Run Detail are responsible for follow up investigation on all hit-and-run accidents in the city.
  • They also review all hit-and-run reports completed by the traffic officers and motorcycle officers.

Impound Hearing Officer:

We have one senior officer who is responsible for the hearings we conduct on 30-day impounds of vehicles. 

Abandoned Vehicles on City Streets:

  • Removal of abandoned vehicles from city streets. 
  • The Bakersfield Municipal Code requires vehicles to not to be left on any public street or alley for longer than 72 consecutive hours.

  • Vehicles left in excess of 72 hours may be towed and stored.

To report an abandoned vehicle on a city street which is not causing an immediate hazard, please call the BPD Communications Center (661) 327-7111.