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Business Recycling Service Requirements

  • For more information about business recycling laws in California, visit CalRecycle online or call the City of Bakersfield Solid Waste Division: (661) 326-3114. 

Curbside Blue Cart Recycling Service for Homes and Businesses

  • Materials Accepted: Cardboard, junk mail, newspaper, magazines, office paper, phone books, brown paper bags, #1 - #7 rigid plastic containers, aluminum/steel cans, and green, brown, or clear glass.
  • Materials Not Accepted: Garbage, oily/dirty paper, polystyrene packaging/containers, green waste, electronics/appliances, plastic wrap, foil drink containers, plastic hangers and packaging, plastic grocery/dry cleaning bags, and household hazardous waste.   

Curbside Green Cart Recycling Service for Homes and Businesses

  • Materials Accepted: Yard trimmings, grass, brush, untreated construction wood, leaves, sawdust, tree limbs, and sod. 
  • Materials Not Accepted: Garbage, palm, wood treated with creosote or arsenic (such as telephone poles or railroad ties), any material over 24 inches in diameter, dirt, tumbleweeds, hazardous materials, and excrement.

Curbside Motor Oil Recycling Service for Homes

  • If you change your motor oil and/or motor oil filters yourself at home, you can sign up for the free Curbside Oil Recycling Program.  This program is free thanks to a grant from CalRecycle. Please call our office at (661) 326-3114 for details and to make an appointment. 

Kern County Recycling Guide