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The Thomas Roads Improvement Program (TRIP) is a cooperative effort between the City of Bakersfield, County of Kern, Caltrans and the Kern Council of Governments. The program was named in honor of former Congressman William M. Thomas, who led the effort to secure $630 million for area road projects in the 2005 Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA: LU).

TRIP projects have been identified as necessary to relieve the stress on outdated infrastructure, caused by years of rapid growth in population, inter-regional travel, and freight movement. The projects will facilitate regional mobility, economic growth and development, as well as reduce travel time through major transportation corridors.

The TRIP office is staffed with personnel from the City, County, Caltrans and Parsons, the program management consultant.



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TRIP Updates

Congressman Kevin McCarthy has announced the Department of Transportation’s intent to award $50 million for Centennial Corridor construction under the Infrastructure for Rebuilding American (INFRA) grant program.

During the past three months, the California Transportation Commission has awarded a $25 million SB1 grant, approved $31 million in State Highway Operations and Protection Program funds, and allocated $53 million in the 2018 State Transportation Improvement Program for Centennial Corridor. These recent state and federal allocations total $169 million dollars and eliminate the need for the City to borrow funds to complete the project. All phases of Centennial Corridor are expected to be under construction by early 2019.

We want to express our sincerest gratitude to Congressman McCarthy, former Congressman Bill Thomas, and each member of the TRIP team (City of Bakersfield, Kern Council of Governments, Caltrans, County of Kern and Parsons) for their success in securing the funding needed to complete the Centennial Corridor project.

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