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Capital Improvement Program

This Division of Public Works Department is charged with overseeing the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which consists of a variety of projects to construct, maintain, repair, and rehabilitate the City's infrastructure and facilities. Both City staff and hired professional consultants design these various projects. Most of the CIP projects are constructed by general contractors selected via competitive public bidding.

Overview of Project Descriptions
Infrastructure Projects
CIP infrastructure projects include sanitary sewers; storm drains; street curbs, gutters, sidewalks, lighting, and pavement; bike paths; traffic signals; and water wells and water distribution systems.

Facility Projects

CIP facility projects include parks, swimming pools, auditoriums, office buildings, recycling center, and waste water treatment plants.

A list of CIP projects is included in the CIP budget adopted each fiscal year. The CIP budget is included in the overall City budget document.
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Contractor Information
Information regarding CIP projects that are currently out to bid can be obtained visiting the City's Vendor Portal Planet Bids.

Large Projects - Greater than One Million Dollars
For large projects (construction contracts greater than $1 million), the City of Bakersfield utilizes an early responsibility determination procedure to comply with the requirement that we only hire responsible contractors. This procedure allows the City to consider the responsibility and capacity of a contractor to perform the work on a given project before the contractor has invested the time and expense necessary to submit a bid. This procedure also provides a mechanism for a reasonable, objective and fair process for determining the ability of interested contractors to satisfactorily complete the project. Please note that any contractor that does not submit a Responsibility Statement and Questionnaire shall not be approved for the given project's Final Bidders List. Contractors not approved for a given project's Final Bidders List may not submit a bid for the work on that project.

Current requests for submittals of Responsibility Statement and Questionnaires are posted on the City's Purchasing Department webpage.

Information For Consultants
The City of Bakersfield frequently contracts with consultant firms to provide design and other services on various projects. A qualification based selection process is followed by City staff in selecting a consultant for a specific project. To receive notices directly to your office regarding projects that relate to the services your firm provides, download the Interested Consultant Form, print it out, fill in the information and return it as directed on the form. Your firm will then be added to the City's database of firms interested in doing CIP consultant work for the City.

Annual Compliance Reports
California Government Code Section 66006(b)(1) sets forth the annual compliance reporting guidelines for fees collected as a condition of approval of a development project by a local agency. The local agency receiving the fee shall deposit it with the other fees for the improvement in a separate capital facilities account or fund in a manner to avoid any commingling of the fees with other revenues and funds of the local agency, except for temporary investments, and expend those fees solely for the purpose for which the fee was collected. Any interest income earned by moneys in the capital facilities account or fund shall also be deposited in that account or fund and shall be expended only for the purpose for which the fee was originally collected. The annual compliance reports for those funds subject to GC 66006(b)(1) reporting can be found below:

Download Annual Compliance Reports
Bridge Crossings & Major Thoroughfare Area Fees (396 KB)
Planned Drainage Area Fees (210 KB)
Planned Sewer Area Fees (131 KB)
Transportation Impact Fees (239 KB)

Previous years’ annual compliance reports are available at the City Clerk’s Office.