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Wastewater (sewage) from your home, school or business is piped through the City’s sewer system to one of two wastewater treatment plants. About 30 million gallons of wastewater are treated each day.

The Wastewater Division treats, reclaims, and utilizes wastewater in accordance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements in order to protect the environment for the City of Bakersfield and surrounding community.

To report a sewer backup please contact the Streets Division at (661) 326-3111.

For information regarding your sewer bill, how to obtain a discharge permit, information about the City’s Septage and Grease Hauler program or the City’s wastewater treatment plants please visit links on the side.

Public Information and Outreach: Think Before You Flush or Drain

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No Grease Down the Drain

Only Rain Down the Drain

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Sewer System Management Plan

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