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Sewer Billing

Sewer fees pay for the operating, maintenance and utility costs as well as capital costs of the City’s wastewater treatment plants and collection system.  Sewer fees for the following user groups are based on average cost to treat and are collected on the property tax roll:

 Fiscal year 2018-2019 sewer fees:
Single family home
per unit
 Multiple dwelling
per unit
 Mobile home
$161.25 per unit
 Schools $8.60 per student
 Hotels/ RV parks
$64.50 per room or space


Frequently asked questions:
  • Why did I receive a "One time sewer bill"? Sewer charges are billed annually on your property tax bill.  If you purchased a new home, you are responsible for paying the sewer bill from when you closed escrow on your newly constructed home, until June 30th.  After that, sewer charges will be billed with your property taxes.
  • Can I pay my sewer bill over the phone?  Wastewater staff cannot collect payments over the phone. You can pay in person at City of Bakersfield Treasury Office, 1600 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, or you can mail your payment to:  City of Bakersfield, PO Box 2057, Bakersfield, CA 93303
  • Can I pay my residential one time sewer bill online?  At this time, we do not accept residential sewer payments online.  Commercial sewer bills can be paid online.

Commercial users

Costs to treat wastewater from commercial properties varies greatly; therefore, sewer fees for commercial users are based on each user’s water consumption and average strength of wastewater for the user group.  Sewer fees for commercial users consist of a 1) flat rate and 2) sewer surcharge, which recovers costs that exceed the amount of water consumption allowed for in the flat rate.  The minimum sewer charge for all properties is equal to the residential rate.

You can estimate your commercial sewer fee for the 2018-2019 fiscal year with the Commercial sewer surcharge estimator.

If you have questions regarding City of Bakersfield sewer fees call (661) 326-3249 or email staff at