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Domestic Water

The Domestic Water Division administers provisions of the Domestic Water Operations Agreement to ensure the highest possible level of service to the City and its customers; and strives to continue to provide a safe and dependable water supply in sufficient quantities to meet customer demands for high quality drinking water; and supports our class ‘2’ rated fire protection system. Staff maintains and upgrades standards for the distribution system design and modernization to provide for future growth and the increasing water supply demand.

Water conservation is important and efforts include a residential and commercial water conservation incentive program that provides incentives for devices that promote high-efficiency technologies and best water conservation practices to improve indoor and outdoor water used efficiency in the City’s Domestic Water Services Area.

The Domestic Water Division maintains and repairs approximately 14,000 fire hydrants throughout the City and repairs leaking service connections on the system within the street right of way. Service line replacements and other maintenance activities on the City’s domestic water system are implemented. Staff completes upgrades, rehabilitation, and column extensions on domestic water wells in the City’s domestic water service area to ensure a safe and dependable water supply to residents during the multi-year drought.

Water Resources continues to perform technical studies and analysis to determine appropriate treatment methods for domestic water wells that require treatment in order to continue to meet State and Federal water quality standards. Staff operates the City domestic water wells as efficiently as possible and continues implementation of security measures for the City’s Domestic Water System pursuant to the Homeland Security Act.