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Bob Smith - Ward 4

Office: 661-326-3767
Cell: 661-330-1404
Term Expires: November, 2022

City Council Committees:
Planning and Development Committee –
Committee Member
Community Services Committee –
Committee Member

Water Board – Chair

Kern Council of Governments - City Representative

Professional Affiliations:
Kern Economic Development Corporation
Kern Local Agency Formation Commission

 Bike Bakersfield -
Owner/Founder and Board Member

Past Service:
Bakersfield Christian High School
Board Member 2006 – 2013

Bob is married to his wonderful wife, Pamela. Bob and his wife have called Bakersfield home for 35 years. Together, they have four grown children. They attend Riverlakes Community Church.

As a Councilmember, Bob is dedicated to improving street safety for all residents of Bakersfield. He is particularly passionate about working to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities on our roadways. To this end, Bob pushed through passage of the Bicycle Transportation Plan and the Complete Streets Resolution. Bob continues this work to create a safer and more efficient road system for all road users.

As part of his goal to improve the local economy, Bob is committed to attracting individuals and businesses from a quality-of-life perspective. Bob is a strong proponent of finishing our segmented freeway system. The opening of the Westside Parkway has been a great benefit to Ward 4 residents. Bob has and will continue to push freeway projects forward. A good transportation network for freight, automobiles, bicyclists, and pedestrians is essential to a vibrant economy.

Bob is also dedicated to restoring water in the river. As one of three Councilmembers who comprise the Water Board, Bob continues to direct staff to use all methods possible to achieve this goal. The continuing drought and the recent state legislation requiring groundwater management make it even more apparent that the plan to restore water in the river for groundwater recharge is necessary for the long-term sustainability of our water resources.

Bob is focused on staying attentive to the specific needs of Ward 4 residents while also maintaining a greater vision for the community as a whole. Bob is proud to be a part of the redevelopment of downtown Bakersfield and to work with groups such as Bakersfield Young Professionals and Keep Bakersfield Beautiful on additional quality-of-life improvements.

Ward 4 map

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