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Special Events & Film Permits

Special Events 

The City of Bakersfield special event process is designed to ensure that your event is successful while taking into consideration the protection of the public’s health and safety. ATOC Time Trial Bike Race

What is considered a special event?

As defined in Chapter 10.69 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code, a special event means "any commercial or business promotion or athletic event upon any public street, public sidewalk, public alley or other public place which does not comply with normal and usual traffic regulation or controls." 

In more general terms, if your event requires the closure of streets, sidewalks, alleys or other public spaces for any period of time, a special event permit is required. In addition, if your event is taking place on private property, but may significantly impact normal vehicle or pedestrian traffic on adjacent or nearby streets and sidewalks, a special event permit is required. 

Do I need a special event permit for a parade or event within a City Park?

If you are interested in holding a special event within a City park, please contact the Recreation and Parks Department at (661) 326-3866 for more information. More information on special event permits for City parks can be found in Chapter 12.56 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code

In addition, a parade as defined in Chapter 10.76 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code is not subject to the special event permitting process. For more information on obtaining a parade permit, please contact the Bakersfield Police Department at (661) 326-3960. 

How do I apply for a special event permit?

To begin the process, a fully completed special event application and the applicable non-refundable application fee is submitted by the event organizer to the Treasury Division, located on the first floor of City Hall North, 1600 Truxtun Ave. The application must be complete and all required supplemental documents, including insurance documents, must be included in order for the application to be accepted. The application must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the proposed event date. 

What happens after I submit a completed application? 

Your application will be reviewed by applicable City Departments. Upon review, if there are additional items that need to be addressed, staff will reach out to the applicant to discuss these items further. If the event requires Police, Fire, Public Works or other departmental services, a deposit and payment plan may be required prior to issuing a permit. 


Special Events Application

More Information

Treasury Division: (661) 326-3762

Filming Permits 

Commercial filming projects which use public property, including streets, sidewalks and alleys, for any part of the filming process are required to obtain a filming permit. To begin the process, a fully completed filming permit application and the applicable non-refundable application fee is submitted to the Treasury Division, located on the first floor of City Hall North, 1600 Truxtun Ave. 

A permit is not required if the filming falls within one of the following categories:

  • News media
  • Filming for non commercial, home use only 
  • Projects produced by qualified non-profit organizations 


Filming Permit Application

Filming Permit Regulations