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Community Relations Monthly E-Tip: National Homeownership Month

June 2019 E-Tip

June is National Safety Month and National Homeownership Month

As homeowners, we want our neighborhoods to be clean and safe. However, during the hot summer months, we may unintentionally practice unsafe habits, leaving us vulnerable to criminals.

Here are some safety tips to remember this summer:

• Do not leave windows or doors open or unlocked especially when you’re away. Many burglaries are non-forced entry, meaning the burglars simply walk or climb in.  

• Do not leave garage carport doors open even when you’re home. We keep things like tools and bicycles in our garages and are easy targets for thieves walking by

• Use curtains or drapes to hide valuables in your home. Our homes are full of our things such as TV’s and gaming consoles--don’t advertise them for criminals!  

• Make sure to never open the door for unwelcome visitors but do make sure they know you’re home by simply talking through the door. This is especially important for our children who stay home during the summer while parents are away at work. We would not want a possible burglary to turn into a home invasion.

• Alarm systems, doorbell cameras, and motion lighting are all great tools to deter crime.  

• Do not advertise when you’re going to be away. Summertime means vacation time for some families, so don’t advertise that your home will be vacant for several days on social media.

The best way to ensure a clean and safe neighborhood is to work with your neighbors! Get to know your neighbors and set up a Neighborhood Watch in your area. For help setting your Neighborhood Watch up, please call the BPD Community Relations Unit at (661) 326-3053, or email Remember to look out for each other and always report suspicious activity. 

Thank you, and stay safe this summer!