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City of Bakersfield, PG&E Upgrade Streetlights with Energy Efficient Lights

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the city of Bakersfield are upgrading 12,865 city-owned streetlight fixtures with new energy-efficient, light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

The new streetlights will provide more direct and natural light to help improve public safety and lower the city’s energy costs. As a result of this project, Bakersfield will save more than $710,000 annually in energy costs.

“LED lights will make our streets safer and offer significant long-term savings to the taxpayer,” said Nick Fidler, Public Works Director for the City of Bakersfield. “The LED lights require less maintenance than traditional street lights, which will allow City crews to address other critical needs throughout the community.”

Installation of the LED fixtures on thousands of streetlights will take place on major city streets and in residential areas. The upgrades should be completed by the end of June.

“Our customers and the city will see an immediate benefit from this upgrade project. LED streetlights last up to 20 years — four times longer than a traditional light bulb — and offer better visibility, enhancing safety throughout Bakersfield,” said Kristen Doud, Public Affairs for PG&E.

Unlike high pressure sodium vapor lights, LED lights use the lens to direct the light exactly where it's needed. Light is more evenly distributed, and there is less glare, fewer dark spots, and greater visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

The fixtures will also be adaptable, and equipped to handle developing technologies such as automated dimming for more cost savings, and Wi-Fi connection that sends an alert the instant a fixture burns out, enabling quicker replacement.

The project is funded with a no-interest loan offered by PG&E to municipal customers who invest in energy efficiency projects.