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No Changes to City Recycling Program at This Time

There has been some confusion and misunderstanding regarding the status of the City’s curbside recycling program. There has been no changes in the recycling program. City residents should continue to utilize their blue cans and place acceptable materials in the blue cans as they have in the past.

Materials accepted in the curbside blue recycling bins include cardboard, junk mail, newspaper, magazines, office paper, phone books,brown paper bags, #1 - #7 rigid plastic containers, aluminum/steel cans and green, brown or clear glass. All recyclable materials placed in the blue bins should be unsoiled and/or cleaned thoroughly, which helps reduce costs associated with processing the materials.

Materials not accepted in the curbside blue recycling bins include household garbage, oily/dirty paper, polystyrene packaging/containers, green waste, electronics/appliances, plastic wrap, foil drink containers, plastic hangers and packaging, plastic grocery/dry cleaning bags and household hazardous waste.

Changes in the global markets have prompted staff to evaluate options for the program moving forward, which is an ongoing and evolving process. A workshop will be held in September to update the City Council on the issue and outline a path moving forward. If future adjustments to the City’s recycling program are necessary, they will be accompanied by robust public outreach and education campaigns.

Any member of the public with questions regarding the City’s curbside recycling program should contact the Solid Waste Division at (661) 326-3114.