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Measure N to Appear on November 6, 2018 Ballot

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Measure N was placed on the November ballot to maintain and enhance vital city services. This was done after gathering community feedback about their priorities for vital services in the City, including over 20 community-based meetings and receiving input from over 1,000 residents.

Top priorities included:

  • Improving rapid response to assaults and robberies
  • Maintaining/improving rapid response to gang violence
  • Preventing and investigating property crimes, like theft and burglaries
  • Keeping public area safe and clean
  • Retaining/attracting jobs and businesses
  • Working with community partners to address homelessness

In keeping with the City’s fiscally-conservative, award-winning budget approach, Measure N requires:

  • Establishment of a nine member citizens’ oversight committee
  • Publishing of an annual report
  • Annual financial audits
  • Distinct accounting procedures

These requirements ensures the proceeds of any revenue generated by Measure N are expended in a manner consistent with the priorities of the community.

For more information on Measure N visit If you have specific questions, or would like to request a presentation for a community organization, contact the City Manager’s Office at (661) 326-3751 or