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City Efforts to Find Site for Future Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter Continue

Real estate negotiations have taken longer than hoped

Homelessness in Bakersfield has become a major concern of residents and City officials in recent years. The City of Bakersfield has been working hard to address those concerns with a number of projects and programs, including finding a location for a future low-barrier homeless shelter.

City staff was directed at the Sept. 11, 2019 City Council meeting to return to Council on October 23 with a purchase or lease agreement for property that could house such a facility.

While City staff has identified multiple locations that would meet the City’s needs for a new shelter, real estate negotiations have taken longer than hoped and a purchase or lease agreement will not be ready for the October 23 City Council meeting. Instead, a purchase or lease contract is expected to be prepared by the November 6 meeting. Alternatively, when it is in hand, a special meeting could be set if schedules are compatible.

“I am confident that we can deliver an executed purchase agreement in the very near future on one of the sites under consideration,” City Manager Alan Tandy said.

Part of the funding for any purchase or lease agreement will come from the Public Safety & Vital Services Measure (Measure N).

This project and other recently launched programs are part of the City’s efforts to continue implementing its three-point approach to addressing homelessness concerns:

  1. Acknowledge the crisis (November 2018);
  2. Support and strengthen existing providers;
  3. Implement Public Safety and Vital Services Measure funds (Measure N) for new programs.