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City of Bakersfield Joins Twitter

@Bakersfield_Cal is newest account in City’s social media family

Effective, transparent and consistent communication is a priority for the City of Bakersfield. That means engaging the public where they are, both physically as well as digitally. To that end, the City of Bakersfield is excited to announce its newest tool in communicating with the public at large: An official City-dedicated Twitter account!

Starting today, December 6, the Twitter handle @Bakersfield_Cal joins the City’s social media messaging family, launching a new era in direct communication with the people of Bakersfield.

All official press releases from the City, as well as important community updates, traffic alerts, job notifications, emergency messaging and other important community updates when necessary will be posted on @Bakersfield_Cal.

The City will continue to use its website,, as well as social media accounts on Facebook (The City of Bakersfield - Government) and LinkedIn (The City of Bakersfield) to communicate with the public as well.

The City welcomes all Twitter users to Follow the new account as we venture into the Twitterverse and expand our digital footprint!