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Community Outreach Meetings Planned for Homeless Shelter Locations

City staff will be available to discuss potential locations

OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: The City of Bakersfield invites the public to provide comments and learn more about the development of a new Homeless Shelter to serve the needs of the local homeless population in Bakersfield. The public is encouraged to comment by attending a community meeting at one of the dates listed below, or by sending an email to

MEETING TIME AND LOCATION: The meetings will be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at the MLK Community Initiative Meeting at Jerusalem Mission Church, 924 Cottonwood Road, Bakersfield, CA; and 6 p.m., Monday, December 16, 2019 at MLK Community Center, 1000 South Owens Street, Bakersfield, CA.

BACKGROUND: According to the 2019 Point-in-Time count, there are more than 1,150 homeless individuals in Bakersfield. 643 are unsheltered, which is an increase of 108% from 2018. There are currently fewer than 400 emergency beds in Bakersfield. This lack of available beds has led in part to increased calls for service to public agencies and impacts to quality of life for residents. The City is working to address concerns raised by local citizens through a number of new programs, including the construction of a new “Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter” which allows residents to have partners, pets and possessions. Earlier this year, the City Council directed Staff to evaluate potential locations that would be suitable for a shelter. Therefore, Staff visited and studied existing facilities in Bakersfield and other Cities to learn more about “Best Practices” for operating and locating a shelter. After searching available properties, Staff has identified two potential locations for the shelter:

Site 1 – 1900 E. Brundage Lane (Calcot Ltd.): a 7.24-acre office complex with 34,832 sq-ft of office space and 34,975 sq-ft of warehouse space; able to accommodate 150 beds for the first 3 years with potential for additional beds in the future; includes existing office space to allow service providers to be co-located on-site; includes space for a future Bakersfield Police Department substation; includes adjacent 10-acres of vacant land which can be redeveloped in the future for economic growth.

Site 2 – 601 Brown Street: a 1.89-acre property with 9,500 sq-ft of office space and 22,800 sq-ft of warehouse space; able to accommodate 150 beds for the first 3 years with potential to add beds in the future; office trailers or warehouse renovation would be needed to allow service providers to be on-site; a dining tent and other portable amenities would need to be installed.

The Facility would be professionally run in accordance with a Good Neighbor Policy to ensure the Facility is safe, clean and has minimal impacts on surrounding neighborhoods. The Facility would host service-providers on-site to ensure that homeless residents are connected with resources to help transition to permanent housing.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additional information can be obtained at the community meetings or at the project website:

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