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Citizens Oversight Committee Recommends Approval of $6M in PSVS Spending

Expenditures include $1.5M to address homelessness issues

The Public Safety & Vital Services Citizens Oversight Committee on Monday, December 9, 2019, recommended the City Council approve more than $6 million in PSVS Measure (Measure N) spending, including $1.5 million to address homelessness concerns.

Assistant City Manager Chris Huot presented the Committee with a mid-year budget update that currently shows the Measure will bring in an additional $9 million more than originally projected. That presentation was followed by one recommending the spending of $6.12 million on various projects across the City.

Those recommendations are:

  • $800,000 to purchase 215 additional body-worn cameras to fully-outfit the Bakersfield Police Department’s sworn officers (a total of 425);
  • $320,000 to hire six engineers and six firefighters for the Bakersfield Fire Department to help reduce response times;
  • $500,000 to acquire and implement new E-permitting software for the Development Services Department which will expedite the approval and revision process for businesses looking to come to Bakersfield, as well as reduce physical paperwork and storage needs;
  • $1.5 million to address homelessness concerns, including the continuation of the Downtown/Old Town Kern human waste clean-up program and the Trans-West Security patrols; also includes funding to be made available for a future homeless shelter facility once a location is finalized;
  • $3 million to be allocated to the PSVS Reserve which helps mitigate against natural disasters and other unforeseen events, as well as provides a buffer against cuts to staffing levels, programs or services in the event of an economic downturn.

The Committee recommended the City Council approve all of the expenditures. The City Council must approve any spending of PSVS funding. The recommendations will be presented to the City Council at an as yet undetermined future Council meeting.

You can view the presentations here:

Learn more about the PSVS Measure here: