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City Continues to Take Precautionary Measures to Reduce Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Essential services will continue to be provided as normal

The City of Bakersfield continues to follow all developments with regards to the ongoing health crisis and continues to implement appropriate measures in order to prevent the spread of and possible exposure to COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus.

Public health is a primary concern for the City of Bakersfield and the City is continuing to take steps to limit the possible spread of the virus. City Staff continues working closely with the Kern County Department of Public Health, the Office of Governor Newsom and the Centers for Disease Control, with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

City Manager Christian Clegg today released a video to the public about steps the City has taken in response to the COVID-19 situation. That video has been posted on all of the City’s social media accounts, as well as the newly created COVID-19 webpage on the City’s website. That page is being updated regularly and includes a Frequently Asked Questions section as well.

The City of Bakersfield has not declared a state of emergency at this time, and remains open for business.

However, precautionary measures have been implemented to postpone some City services and revise protocols for other City services through Tuesday, April 14. Those measures can be seen in a separate, accompanying document. (PDF linked below)

The City has already seen fewer walk-in visitors to City Hall North, and we thank the public for conducting their business with the City over the phone, via email or online. We encourage that to continue into the foreseeable future.

The City is reviewing the work functions of all employees that do not provide health and safety services to determine if their work can be conducted through alternate work scenarios, including telecommuting or flexible schedules. The City will also review decreased work loads of employees from impacted service areas to determine if they should be on paid administrative leave.

Those precautionary measures – including the cancelation or postponing of nonessential events and gatherings – will remain in effect in the City in order to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19.

It is important to note that essential services provided by the City, including the Bakersfield Police and Fire Departments, will NOT be affected by these precautionary measures and will continue functioning as normal.

However, the lobby counter services at the Police Department Headquarters and the Westside Substation will be closed until further notice. All nonessential Police Department events, programs and activities through April 14 have been postponed. Please refer related inquiries to the Bakersfield Police Department.

Operations at City Hall North – including Human Resources and Finance – as well as Development Services and Public Works will also continue as normal. Trash services will also not be impacted and will function as normal.

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