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Take the 2020 Census!

Help your community for the next 10 years

The 2020 U.S. Census is underway, and it's important that everyone be counted so that our communities will have the funding and support they will need over the next decade.

According to the California Secretary of State's Office (as of May 21, 2020), 61% of all households across the state have responded to the 2020 Census! That's good for 9.2 million households, more than any other state so far! Kern County's response rate stands at nearly 55%, while Bakersfield's response rate is 59.3%, good for 342nd in the state, just behind Fresno (59.5%).

But we can do better!

If you still haven’t responded to the 2020 Census, it’s not too late. Households that have not yet responded to their census invitation should have started to receive a paper questionnaire in the mail as of April 8. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Census schedule has been extended to October 31.

That means, while Californians are at home social distancing, they can now respond to the census by mail, online or by phone.

Completing the census only takes about 10 minutes and will help your community for the next 10 years! Census participation determines each community's share of federal funding for healthcare, schools, roads, and more for the next decade.

When you complete the census, make sure that everyone who lives in your household is counted. That includes all children and any extended family or friends who are living with you (regardless of immigration, citizenship, or voter registration status -- everyone needs to be counted).

Remember, participation is simple, quick and confidential. To learn more about your rights, you can read California’s Census Bill of Rights.

Once you complete the census, help us spread the word. Forward this email to your family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers and remind them that it’s critical that everyone participate in the 2020 Census.

Let’s get counted, let’s get funded!