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Bakersfield Remains Ninth-Largest City in California

Population grew by 1.4 percent, most among 10 largest

Bakersfield is still the ninth-largest California city, seeing significant growth from 2019.

The California Department of Finance recently release its updated population estimates, showing the state added a net of 87,494 new residents between January 2019 and January 2020.

According to the report, the population estimate for the City of Bakersfield is 392,756 for a growth of 1.4 percent (or 5,500 residents) compared to 2019 estimates. The state's total population grew by only 0.2 percent and Kern County's population grew by 1.0 percent by comparison.

Bakersfield remains the ninth-largest city in the state, behind Oakland (433,697) and ahead of Anaheim (357,325).

Among the 10 largest cities in California, Bakersfield had the largest percentage gain in population, with Sacramento (1.1 percent, or 5,700) a distant second.

Additionally, Bakersfield ranked 10th in total numeric housing unit growth and third in numeric single-family housing unit growth statewide.

The report from the California Department of Finance can be viewed in the PDF attached below.

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