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Strong Water Conservation Continues in Bakersfield

Water use was down 22% in April, compared to 2013

Bakersfield residents continue their water conservation efforts, helping save a precious resource for the City!

The City's Water Resources Department reports that water use in April was down 13% compared to April 2013 - the year before the drought started. That savings was calculated before taking population growth into account.

When including population growth over that time, the savings was even greater: 22.1%.

In April 2013, the Residential Gallons Per Capita Day was 159.7, with an estimated population of 135,541.

Last month, the R-GPCD was down to 124.4, with an estimated population of 155,723.

If you want to do more to save water, check out the City's conservation page where you can find ways to cut your water use, or even cash in on conservation rebates.